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Marmic Shop


 Marmic Shopping List


How many times have we returned from the store and realised that we forgot to buy something, usually the most important item that we went out for. Or equally as annoying, bought something that we didn't need because we were not sure whether we needed it or not. We all throw away to much out of date food and overstocking makes it even more likely to happen.


None of us like spending money on the essential consumable items of life and I don't think I have met anyone that is pleasantly surprised by the checkout bill. Quite understandably, we think about the more enjoyable things that we could have spent the money on.

Although Marmic Shop is not the magic cure, if used on a regular basis it will make a difference. Check out these features;

  • Speeds up the shopping trip by listing all items required in the order that you walk round the store.

  • No surprises at the checkout, you have an estimated cost before leaving home.

  • Adjust the list according to budget.

  • Reduces the amount of Out of Date food thrown away by not overstocking.

  • Ensures all items required are actually purchased.

  • Work with multiple lists for different stores.

  • No more writing shopping lists, Marmic Shop prints it for you.

  • Stores a list of all Items purchased and where from.

  • Includes a starter list of Items, Stores and Categories that can be edited as necessary.

  • Simple and easy to use.

  • Free Updates (Registered users)

Have a look at the Examples and How To pages, then download your own copy and try it out. If you continue to use it, please register. This will allow us to add more features and update more regularly.


Marmic Shop is designed to help with the day to day management of the household consumables. It will help prevent over and under stocking and will offer an estimate of what the visit to the store is likely to cost.

If, like most of us, you shop to a budget, the shopping list can be adjusted before leaving home to ensure there are no surprises at the checkout.


This Download is the full version. It is not crippled or restricted in any way but starts with a splash screen. The splash screen will remain on the screen for 3 seconds but this delay will increase by one second per day until you register.


The application is converted to the full version by entering a serial number that is sent by email following registration.