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Marmic Shop

Marmic Shop - How To  



The main idea of Marmic Shop is to help prevent buying goods that you already have and to ensure that you purchase items that you have run out of.



In the beginning, It is suggested that you add items to the shopping list that you use on a regular basis, creating the new categories and stores as you need to. The categories etc. can be edited at a later stage. Aisle and price entries can also be added later, usually after the first visit to the store. The list will obviously not be complete until you have used it to do the shopping a few times and updated the application.


Next, Print a checklist from the File/Print/Print Checklist menu.



and keep it in on your note board or kitchen wall, so that you can add items and quantities as required.


On shopping day, use the checklist to make a final check around the cupboards, kitchen and bathroom etc to ensure everything is included on the check list including quantities required.


  Zero all quantities by clicking the Zero All button.


Select All Items, All Categories and All Stores from the drop down lists as shown below.



Add any items that are not already on the screen by clicking the Add new button    at the top left of the main screen.


After all items are added and the quantities entered;

Select the store to be visited from the Right drop down list.

Select View Shopping List from the left drop down list and check that the list is complete.

Print a Shopping List from the File/Print/Print Shopping List menu.

Take this Shopping List with you to the store.

While walking round the store, enter any missing Aisle information to the Shopping List and mark off the items as they are placed in the shopping basket.


On returning, enter any missing Aisle information from your shopping list and the prices from the checkout receipt. The next time a shopping list is printed it will be printed in Aisle order so that items appear in the correct order as you walk around the store. The prices are used to calculate the total spend for the shopping and appears on the screen above the list to the right.


Editing of the Aisle, Price and Quantity can be carried out from the main screen. Click on the cell to be edited, type to replace the existing text or press F2 to edit. After editing, the cursor keys can be used to navigate the list and move to the next item that needs editing.